Corporate Records, Archives & Information Management

Michael Hoyle is a consultant based in Seattle, Washington, in the USA providing records, archives and information services and guidance to government agencies, corporations, small and medium business, non profits and community groups locally, nationally and internationally.

Every organization requires well-managed records; recordkeeping is a fundamental part of administration. Without records there can be no rule of law and no accountability.

Effective Recordkeeping

Mandatory legislative requirements often apply to the maintenance of corporate records for evidential, audit and legal discovery purposes. Security of company or government agency data is vital. Stolen, misused or lost information can have a severe impact on the operations of all organizations.

Poorly maintained records, archives and other information resources are a financial drain to all organizations and a considerable amount of time and money is wasted if records and other information cannot be located. Knowing what information resources your organization has, being able to retrieve records quickly and determining how long they should be retained is essential for efficient management.

All organizations, whether agencies, companies, businesses, non profits or other enterprises, require a well-planned integrated program for managing information, and staff members need to know their recordkeeping obligations. Policies, standards, rules and guidelines ensure all records, archives and other information resources, whether manual or electronic, are properly managed as a corporate asset, and that those records deemed as archives survive over time.

Assistance can be provided in assessing your needs; auditing your current information resources; developing a strategic management plan; preparing policies and guidelines; and establishing or enhancing your records archives information management program.
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